About Full Liquid Diet Plan and Its Purpose

Full liquid diet plan
Full liquid diet plan 

Purpose of Full Liquid Diet Plan:

Full liquid diet plan is becoming a hit these days because lots of people turn to it for weight loss. But liquid diet plan has far more purpose than just being another for losing weight as it is recommended by doctors for certain medical reasons. There are different types of liquid diet plans and one of which is the full liquid diet. Not many people may know of this but full liquid diet does not solely focus on taking in liquids but it may also include solids but should be in liquid form because as the name of the diet suggests, a person should be taking nothing more than liquids. With this, a person will be able to get the essential minerals and fluids that the body will need for energy when on a full liquid diet.

What is a Full Liquid Diet plan?

A Full diet plan could be a reasonably diet which will be created from clear, blurry or opaque liquid foods and should have a smooth consistency. Generally speaking, people on full liquid diet can take in all sorts of foods as long as it is in liquid form. In order to sustain the essential nutrients that an individual wants on this sort of diet, the main goal of the meals is to provide 1,300 to 1,500 calories plus 45 grams of protein per day.

What are Full Liquid Diet Plan for?

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A person is being prescribed with liquid diets for mostly medical reasons and doctors are the ones who prescribe them. Below are the benefits of full liquid diet plan:

  • Before and after certain surgical procedures especially those involving the stomach or intestines

  • For people having trouble with swallowing or chewing such as comatose patients, patients who have undergone surgical procedures involving the jaw

  • People having trouble with digestion

  • In preparation for a medical test or procedure

Can you lose weight on a full liquid diet plan? 

Yes, you can successfully complete a full liquid diet plan for weight loss. we’re here to share the knowledge so you can decide if a liquid diet for weight loss is for you.

So let’s start with the fundamentals

Full Liquid Diet for Weight Loss Fundamentals:

A full liquid diet for weight loss is exactly what it sounds like—a diet that replaces solid diet with full liquid diet plan. 

While there isn’t one prescribed full liquid diet, they typically consist of low calorie smoothies, mixtures of ingredients that are diuretics like pepper and lemon, or juice.

Most people will lose weight quickly but like the HCG diet, it’s more about calories than anything else. A full liquid diet for weight loss is generally 400-900 calories in a day. 

Liquid Diet To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks:

A full Liquid diet is so effective to lose weight. If you're tried so many weight loss diet plans published across the many websites and that don’t appear to have lost the bite amount of weight, should consider this diet plan. 

There is no significant liquid diet plan that people recommend. It’s just all about varying the nutritional and fresh fruits and vegetables juices in a bid to find the perfect matches that you enjoy to drink and that works for you and help you to lose weight quickly. A well-planned liquid diet can result in significant weight loss in just 2 weeks. 

What are foods and drinks allowed on a Full Liquid Diet plan?

Remember that a full liquid diet food list only permits liquids diet and nothing more but even so there are still certain types of foods that may be confused for liquids because of their consistency. To have a clearer idea of foods and drinks allowed refer to the list below: 

What do I eat on a liquid diet plan?

  • Water
  • Fruit juices
  • Nectars and juices with pulp
  • Plain ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt
  • Sugar, honey, syrups
  • Sodas such as Sprite and ginger ale
  • Gelatin
  • Butter, custard, oil, cream, margarine, pudding
  • Broth soups and cream soups just make sure it has no solids
  • Liquid supplements
  • Tea or coffee
  • Milk and milkshakes

There also are alternative foods which will be enclosed in a very full diet plan however it'd be best to 1st raise your medical practitioner if the foods you're thinking that will be included are really allowed.

What are the Foods and drinks to be avoided on a Full Liquid Diet Plan:

Full liquid diet
Full liquid diet 

As mentioned earlier, if you are not sure if that certain type of food or drink is allowed, be sure to ask your physician first or better yet, avoid them. There are also foods that are definitely not permitted such as:

  • Meats, cereals, fruits, every kind of cheeses – raise your doctor 1st regarding these foods

  • Ice cream or other frozen desserts that have solids mixed with them or as toppings such as chocolate chips, nuts, etc.

  • Mashed foods such as mashed potato or avocado

Adding in extra nutrients:

There are people that need to be on a full liquid diet plan for a certain period of time and because liquids alone would not be able to sustain the needed requirements, there are ways on how you can add in extra nutrients to your full liquid diet such as calories and proteins, here’s how.

  • Add in protein powder or breakfast powder to your milk, pudding, milkshakes and custards

  • Place syrup on your drinks and other beverages

  • Mix smooth ice cream with your beverages and desserts

  • Place butter or margarine to your soups and cereals (if cereals is allowed in your full liquid diet)

You may also talk to your physician or dietitian regarding supplements if you feel that you are not getting the nutrients your body needs. Don’t allow yourself to be low on nutrients because it has harmful effects to your body if you are on this for a long time.

Precautions of a Full Liquid Diet Plan:

At this point, you now understand what the purposes of full liquid diet plans are and it mostly involves medical purposes. If you are planning to use this diet believing that it will help you in ways such as weight loss, you may need to coordinate with a registered dietitian because a full liquid diet plan compared to other liquid diet plans may be used in a long time IF it is planned properly and if it can provide you the nutrients that your body needs. You should not start this diet without consulting healthcare professionals as it could do harmful effects to your body if you are not getting the essential nutrients. People on a full liquid diet plan are not advised to exercise because strenuous activities require much energy and it may be hard to replenish the lost energy from doing exercise with this type of diet.

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