Clear Liquid Diet Ideas For Colonoscopy

Clear Liquid Diet Ideas For Colonoscopy
Clear Liquid Diet 
Not many of us may have heard of Clear Liquid Diet Ideas For Colonoscopy . For some of us who may have, we may know little of this diet. With the many types of diet coming out, we cannot help but become confused of which is healthy and which works well. Most of us have that perception that when we hear the word diet we often associate it with weight loss. This could be true but diet is generally about the types of food we eat, the amount and how it affects our health. This article will help you understand more about clear liquid diet for colonoscopy and what it’s for.

What is Clear Liquid Diet Ideas for colonoscopy ?

Clear Liquid diet could be a variety of diet that involves clear liquids and foods that area unit liquid at temperature. From the word “clear” it shouldn't essentially be clear however you must still be able to see through it. A clear diet is usually composed of foods that have low residue and will be liquid in kind so as to reduce the load of digestion within the intestines. Examples of food that are part of a clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy are water, broth, plain gelatin, apple juice, clear broth and weak tea. Notice that most of the liquids here contain sugar and water except for the broths and bullions which are salty.

There’s also a strict clear liquid diet for colonoscopy which excludes all types of solid foods such as noodles in soup, milk products and juices. Clear liquid diets ideas for colonoscopy obviously doesn't give the calories and nutrients that our bodies want so it ought to be out of print when 2 days if it's not supplemented with calorie, protein, vitamins and minerals. This diet is only applicable to adults and children over 3 years of age.

What are Clear Liquid Diet for?

Liquid diet
Liquid diet 
Clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy are prescribed by doctors for various reasons. As mentioned earlier this type of diet cannot provide a person the right amount of calories and nutrients needed by the body thus following it without a doctor’s advice would not be recommended. A clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy is mainly used for:

  • People with digestive problems as a short-term diet

  • Certain medical procedures such as operations or for acute inflammation of intestinal tract

  • Illnesses that are characterized by high fever

  • Tests or surgery to ensure that the digestive tract is empty, example: colonoscopy

  • After stomach or bowel (large and small intestines) surgery if a person is having trouble with eating solid food

  • People suffering from nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

Basically, the goal of a clear liquid diet for colonoscopy is to provide liquids and part of the caloric needs of a person until he/she can resume to his/her regular diet. It is structured to give fluid electrolytes that are easily absorbed by the body. Clear liquids are much easier to digest and does not cause strain to our digestive system.

Why you may require a Clear Liquid Diet for Colonoscopy? 

I am pretty sure that most of us have come across the term clear liquid diet and by now, I believe most of us know what it really means to be on a liquid diet. As a matter of fact, this is not just any diet which you take on to forget that pang of hunger in you. This is more special than most of the diets that you may come across. Because of the purposes that it is meant to serve, it is very important to get the clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy, clear enough so that you can be able to achieve your objectives. It is as important as following your medicine schedule because that is actually what this is, medicine in the form of food. If taken correctly, a clear liquid diet for colonoscopy can serve the purpose of some medicines which if you think right is the preferred way of treating those conditions in comparison to the chemical ridden medicines.
For those who have struggled with losing weight before, then clear liquid diet for colonoscopy  is not a new term to you. For several years now, liquid diets have been quite helpful to those with weight problem. This is because this is one of the simplest ways of restricting calories to your body. As we all know, the primary key to losing weight is burning calories. It however becomes useless if you can burn them, only to add more. Due to the limited calories that a clear liquid diet provides, it automatically qualifies as the best candidate in this exercise. The down side of this is that the diet does not provide all the nutrients that a normal diet can provide and can therefore result to malnutrition if you stick to it for a long time. Because of its nature, it is easily digested and can leave one famished if this is all that a person takes. It is therefore advised that you get a plan that will cater for all your needs.
Most of the other uses are purely clinical. For example, one may be required to go on a clear liquid diet plan for the purpose of detoxification. In this case, a patient will be asked to stick to this diet until the perceived toxins are flashed out of the body. This will in most cases be done for a short while. One may also be required to get on the same plan if they have some problem with their digestive tract. These includes conditions associated with the mouth like mouth cancer, conditions associated with the gut like tonsillitis, esophageal cancer and throat cancer and conditions associated with the stomach and the intestines. The same may also be prescribed after procedures involving the parts mentioned above.

The main reasons why this diet is usually prescribed is to maintain or restore hydration to the body, provide rest to the organs involved in food digestion and provide an electrolyte balance to the body. Once prescribed, you are advised to stick to this plan unless advised otherwise.

What else do we need to know about this Clear Liquid Diet for Colonoscopy?

At this point, you now understand that clear liquid diet are not like the other diets we come across with that are out in the commercial market. It is a diet that is used mostly for medical reasons. But there is so much about it that we still need to know such as:

  • It is NOT for weight-loss and most of all NOT for long-term
It was already explained earlier how we tend to think that the word diet 
automatically means weight loss which is not always the case. Clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy is not for weight loss though it may really cut down on weight because a diet like this is low in calorie but it is most importantly not for long-term as it has harmful effects to the body. It is only used for the purposed mentioned above and nothing else.

  • It is NOT the typical diet you would want to follow
Because a clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy has very low nutritional value, it is not the typical diet that any person would want to follow on a daily basis. For patients who medically need this type of diet, doctors advise them to follow it with supplements. Most of the time, clear liquid diet is for cleansing the digestive tract and once a person is able to resume his/her regular diet, the clear liquid diet will be stopped.

  • As long as it’s edible liquid and you can see through it, then it is permitted
The clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy is very literal and is easy to follow. If it’s an edible liquid and you can see through it then it’s allowed. So as for milk, dark tea or coffee—definitely not included. If your doctors advices you this before a surgery or when you are having digestive problems, you need to understand that colored liquids will affect the color of your stool. If you will be undergoing tests or surgery, with the help of clear liquid diet, it will help your doctor determine if there is bleeding in your digestive system or any other abnormalities.

Colonoscopy prep
Colonoscopy prep 

What are the ADVANTAGES of Clear Liquid Diet for colonoscopy?

Clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy can definitely help cleanse the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Before tests or other medical procedures are done, the GI tract must be cleansed meaning it must be free of food or other residue. Days or hours before the procedure, it may be advised by the doctor to a patient. It will help cleanse the GI tract while making sure that the patient can still get the fluid electrolytes needed by the body for the mean time.

Not only is clear liquid diet for colonoscopy useful before tests and surgeries, it is also handy after operations. Most people are advised to use this diet before they resume to their usual dieting. A person may still be slightly sedated as he/she comes off the anesthesia and this will help that person from choking or aspiration.

What are the DISADVANTAGES of Clear Liquid Diet for Colonoscopy?

Perhaps the number disadvantage of clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy is the fact that it is low in nutritional value. This is the reason why it is only recommended to be followed for only a few days. Although a clear liquid diet gives off fluid electrolytes, still even with other supplements, it still cannot provide all the nutrients needed by our system.

Most people who are into clean liquid diet for colonoscopy often complain of blandness and we can’t blame them. You can just imagine feeding yourself clear liquids for a day or two. This is why when people are advised to undergo with this type of diet, they are encouraged to use a variety of beverages that are sweet or feed on some soup that is a bit salty such as chicken broth.

Clear liquid diet ideas for colonoscopy is not as exciting as we may think like what other diets may be. But even so, this diet clearly serves its purpose. It may not be able to provide your body with all the needed nutrients but it keeps it hydrated as you prepare or recover for or from a medical procedure. If your doctor advices you for this type of diet or any diet for that matter be sure that you understand it well and its precautions so as to prepare yourself.

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Clear liquid diet
Clear liquid diet

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